The Advantage of Discord

Trainer: Elizabeth Clemants

Avoiding tension and discord, or going on the attack to crush it, are typical responses to conflict, particularly in the workplace.  True leaders, however, understand something most of us don’t - harnessing the energy of conflict is an important advantage. 

Inherent in conflict is the opportunity of growth, innovation, and creative new ideas and insight.  The powerful leader creates an environment that welcomes disagreement, confidently stepping into the unknown to find the answer to the question “what else?”  Perspectives shift, opening new possibilities.

Planning Change leads the way in educating and empowering leaders on how to embrace change, welcome dissenting views and manage the conflict around them.  Conflict is a sign that something wants to change.  Planning Change will teach you to harness that growth opportunity to create alignment within your corporate team.

Fall 2015 - Spring 2016

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