Negotiation Within a Challenging Reality

Trainer: Michael Tsur

As humans, we are negotiators.  We negotiate all the time in different ways, and each negotiation demands something different depending on the situation and our counterparts.  Thankfully, most of our negotiations - Who picks up the check? Who takes out the trash? - are relatively simple, and we have each developed a certain style upon which we rely to make these negotiations successful.  However, when stress comes in, a negotiation becomes difficult, even threatening, we tend to be reactive and rely on our tried and true methods of bargaining only to find that our customary style of negotiation does not produce the process or the results, we hoped for.

Negotiation is an art of self-management, communication/interaction skills, and strategic thought.  This course will examine the variety of challenges we encounter when the stakes are higher or our counterpart is less predictable, and by examining the basic elements of negotiation, as well as its pitfalls, participants will gain increased capacity to identify, prepare, implement, and evaluate the proper strategy for any negotiation.

Negotiation in a Challenging Reality focuses on the negotiation process as a means to reach better outcomes, i.e. advantageous for all stakeholders, while taking into account the levels of stress and anxiety inherent in the process.  Starting with the premise that we negotiate all day long and that everything is negotiated, participants will gain a rich awareness of negotiation and its power. Through learning, observing, and experiencing a variety of approaches to negotiation participants will enrich their knowledge and methodology for different situations and circumstances.

This unique course is based on the experience of a long-time practitioner of negotiation and will explore needs and interest-based negotiation: how to manage power imbalances, how to discuss what matters most, the role of transparency, strategies for crisis negotiation.  Participants will also learn to identify situations in which one should not or cannot negotiate on their own, and how to employ a negotiation team in these situations.

  This course is founded on experiential education methodology with the goal of enabling participants to adopt the new skills as second-nature. Thus presence and active participation in the class activities will be foundations for learning. Participants will be challenged by a variety of negotiation cases and simulations in the safe environment of the group as a way to fulfill on the course’s principal objective: to fine-tune our skills through practice and self-reflection for the duration of the course and in our lives. 

Fall 2015 - Spring 2016

Classes:   Classes are scheduled on an individual basis to meet our clients time and location needs.

Date: January 8 & 9

Time: 9am - 5pm (both days)

Price:   $250