Constructive Conflict in Teams

Trainer: Anne Marie Mc Fadyen

Conflict is inevitable when you work in a team. Working alongside others who have different viewpoints, backgrounds, skills and experiences can create tensions. And depending on how you choose to handle these tensions, conflict in teams can be either disruptive or energizing, paralyzing or inspiring. This course will teach participants how to handle conflict so it works to a team’s advantage rather than its demise.

This six-hour course is structured across three parts and can be delivered flexibly depending on your organization’s needs. Each session offers practical ways to assist teams get more comfortable with productive conflict. The course is designed with team leaders, supervisors or newly forming teams in mind.


Session I.

Preparing for Conflict:

·                  Recognizing whether conflict is dysfunctional or functional

·                  Mapping the origins and pathway of conflict

·                  Understanding conflict and its role in team decision making 

Session II.

Managing Conflict:

·                  Creating conditions where differences and disagreements can be managed safely and effectively

·                  Developing conflict management processes for resolution and agreement

·                  Identifying individual and collective conflict profiles

Session III.

Preventing Disruptive Conflict:

·                  Harnessing the benefits of diversity within teams

·                  Communication techniques that maintain a healthy balance of constructive difference of opinion whilst avoiding conflict that is disruptive and destructive

·                  Designing team management processes that support effective problem solving, decision-making and team accountability 

·                  Establishing conflict norms to guide the rules of engagement

Fall 2015 - Spring 2016

Classes:   Classes are scheduled on an individual basis to meet our clients time and location needs.

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