Healing from Co-Dependency

A 12 Week Transformational Workshop


It is not uncommon to rely on others to feel whole. Whether it’s with co-workers you’re constantly seeking to impress, anonymous partners that provide feelings of safety, or parent figures that never seem to validate enough – co-dependency can be present in many forms. It is what makes healthy relationships challenging.

Through my own personal and professional practice I have found that group work is an effective and direct way to promote growth and healing in our relationships – both with ourselves and others – overcoming the binds of co- dependent behavior.

Star@ng in November I will be leading sessions for focused group work in which par@cipants will address their co-dependency in a safe space through structured sharing. Each group will have 4-6 people and will meet weekly for about an hour.

The cost will be $900 for 12 weekly sessions. Please contact me directly, if you are interested.